Health IT and Clinical Consulting

One of Dunson & Associates' core competencies is Health IT. We focus on project managing systems implementation and integration of technology programs in an effort to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare delivery. Dunson & Associates assists organizations with complete end-to-end systems planning, acquisition, customization, implementation and maintenance including training, technical, and operational support.

Health IT and Clinical Consulting
From our national database of Health IT and Clinical professionals, we join associates together as a team to provide a broad spectrum of business solutions and outsourcing to customers needing sustainment, training, integration, or implementation of electronic clinical information systems and clinical consulting for quality improvement projects. Through this capability we deliver information management solutions and people resources to meet healthcare organizations' financial, operational, and managed care needs.

Diverse Specialties
Unique to Dunson & Associates are its IT experts of diverse specialties that provide HL7 solutions, business and technology solutions on the major ERP platforms (e.g., SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft) and other enterprise solutions, including SCM and CRM, as well as e-Business solutions across technology platforms.

Dunson's Healthcare experts provide assistance with quality improvement projects such as internal and external quality improvement medical records data abstraction reviews involving HEDIS® and others. Dunson's Healthcare professional experts can provide clinical consulting to assist with planning, development, implementation, and customization of clinical application systems to achieve best practice standards of care in preventive health and disease management, as well as training in work flow processes across all clinical settings.

With this diversity, Dunson & Associates can offer an "a la carte" of commodities transitioning from the selection, design, and implementation of EHR technology to contingency planning for compliance with HIPAA requirements (e.g., system updates, backup checks, privacy, and security audits, and reviews) to "pay-for-performance" initiatives for quality of care improvement efforts offered by payers of healthcare services.

Outsourcing Resources
By continuously building collaborations and teaming partnerships, Dunson can also provide outsourcing resources and develop teams of Health IT experts and Clinical professionals to assist companies with implementation of health information systems and healthcare quality improvement projects, such as HEDIS® and others. With Dunson's national database of Health IT professionals and Clinical experts, we are capable of meeting the varied needs of the Health IT Industry.

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