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Career Column: Does Coaching Bring Real Value to Your Team?

Coaching has emerged as an essential skill in today's business world. Applying a coaching mindset and skills will help you to become more effective and creative as a leader and contributor in your organization. And it will enable the people you coach to do the same. Visit our Coming Soon Page

While there may not be an overwhelming amount of research on the topic, what has been done suggests that obtaining a coach may be helpful in dealing with stressful feelings and situations in the workplace. Stress was found to be among the most common reasons why people leave their jobs in the United States, and it often results in business disruptions, lost time due to absence and sickness and reductions in productivity. Coaching is an eclectic and diverse field that varies widely, but it generally involves planning actions and setting goals in order to achieve specific results. It is essentially the process of giving people the opportunities, knowledge, confidence and tools that they need to develop themselves, and this can be highly effective in helping individuals overcome distress that may have a negative impact on their work. There are several ways that obtaining a coach can help people.

Social Support

The benefits that individuals obtain usually come almost completely from the relationship with their coach. Because of this, it is essential for people to have a good rapport with their coach in order to be successful. Research has found that the support that a coachee either receives or believes that they are receiving will impact the way that they appraise and cope with stressful events. Social support has a direct impact on behavioral, physiological and psychological reactions. In addition, it can help to buffer the relationship between stressors and people's reactions to them so that they do not lead to detrimental health outcomes. Social relationships can assist people by giving them ways to make situations less stressful by reinterpreting them, helping them exert control over a situation and diverting their attention. In addition, there is a significant amount of evidence that social support can improve physical health by lowering mortality risks and blood pressure.

Cognitive Appraisal

Coping involves a process that people use to attempt to minimize negative feelings that come from stressful events. These feelings stem from a two-part appraisal of an event. Individuals first determine if they should pay attention to a situation and take action to respond to it. They then evaluate potential options that they have for coping with a situation and the outcomes that they will have. Coaching can be useful in reducing stress because it influences the secondary appraisal. The process can assist people in identifying stressors, view potentially stressful situations as less threatening and help them cope more effectively.

Goal-Oriented Learning Experience

Setting attainable goals can help people direct their efforts in a way that assists them in attaining specific outcomes. During coaching, people commit to producing specific results, and this often motivates them to attain the goals that they set. Accomplishing set goals leads people to feelings of satisfaction and happiness that enhance their wellbeing. In addition, working with a coach helps individuals get feedback on their progress during regular meetings.

Leadership has changed over the last twenty years. With increased complexity, changing technologies, diverse workforces, and escalating pressures for bottom-line performance, leading others requires new perspectives and approaches. It also requires using time-honored fundamentals of effective management. By blending these elements, leaders can more effectively guide their teams with greater impact for their organizations, their teams, and themselves.

Benefits of Coaching from everyone's perspective:

Benefits for the Coach

  • Better understand the reality of the people you coach
  • Build trust and mutual respect
  • Open up new possibilities
  • Gain commitment to desired future
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Increase confidence in the ability to coach

Benefits for the Individual Being Coached

  • Explore issues in collaborative and creative ways
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Create opportunity for open and honest conversations
  • Experience increased personal and organizational support
  • Provide opportunities to stretch capabilities
  • Enhance personal commitment to responsibilities

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increase engagement of employees
  • Create a culture of coaching
  • Reduce employee turnover

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