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Career Column: Are You Being Hacked?
Michael Gregg

Cybersecurity is an evolving trend that includes security intelligence analysts, security engineers and security architects. Train today to become a security expert.

Tablets and smart phones exploded into the workspace in 2012, and that trend has done nothing but continue. The ease of use and size make these smaller devices the preferred technology for many people. Unfortunately, approximately $7 million worth of smart phones go missing globally each day, according to Verizon. When these devices are misplaced, they become a security risk. Here are five tips to help avoid this risk:

Enable Password Protection - According to a recent study by Help Net Security, only 38% of smart phone users have enabled this simple security option on their device. Be smart about password choices. Password and 123456 are still the most used passwords. Don't make it that easy for predators.

Utilize AV Security Software - While many falsely believe that AV is just for laptops and desktop computers, that's just not true. Smart phones are also vulnerable and should be protected.

Be Selective with Applications - On platforms such as Android, there's little control over applications. Only download from a trusted source and practice care when deciding what to download.

Don't Cache Private Information - It may seem convenient to keep PINs, passwords, and account numbers cached but it can be a real security risk. Be Smart About E-Mail - We all have heard that it's dangerous to open suspicious e-mails, but how do you know what's suspicious? It really requires some work, as attackers have gotten better at forging legitimate looking e-mails.

Password protect your voicemail. One way to make sure hackers don't have access to private voicemail messages is to make certain your voicemail is password protected.

Smart phones and tablets have become the must have item. In many ways, they're taking over the role that laptops and desktops once held. Staying ahead of these attacks means you must use the same level of precaution on a smart phone that you would on a laptop or other computing device.

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